Our programs use progressive, preservative exercises to get a horse emotionally, mentally and physically fit without the use of force. Students have fun while safely building a relationship with horses and increasing the horse’s confidence and abilities as well as their own, the result is a true horseman. All ages and levels are welcome.

Definition: Dressage

A French word meaning “to train.”

Dressage is a systematic development of the horse which requires the horse and rider to combine the strength and agility of gymnastics with the elegance and beauty of ballet.

The discipline of dressage focuses on, and emphasizes, the horse’s natural movements in order to develop the physique and increase the athletic ability of the horse.

The result is truly the best blend of sport and art.

Definition: Quadrille

A sport in which four horses and riders perform synchronized dressage movements, usually to music.

Definition: Natural horsemanship

The use of the principles of the nature of the horse to enable humans to work safely, harmoniously, and naturally with confidence and competence, using leadership, communication and understanding, on the ground or in the saddle, regardless of breed or discipline.


Robele Farms

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We offer:


A horse who has achieved it's full potential. This is done through dressage and natural horsemanship using relaxed and non-forceful methods.

Trained riders who understand & can use classical principles in their riding in order to build a partnership, and create an art form with their horses.


Robele Farms: 11270 Dominica Ave, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 Phone: 818 834 5818