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Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic Me & My Partner, Plus One! September-December 2014

I am moving Robele Farms to another amazing barn in Lake View Terrace, Courtship Ranch. They were looking for a Natural horsemanship trainer, and so there it is... Besides the great views and larger spaces for the horses, there's a covered arena !! We are very excited to make the move, and will be fully operational at Courtship on February 15. We will truly miss Hansen Dam and our friends there. Sometime in the next few months we will be having an open house, look for the date!!

Playday September 28th September-December 2014

Cutter and I had our best scores(so far) at the Hansen Dam Dressage Show August 16th and 17th. Highest score was in Training 3, 67.9%. There were actually a few 8’s too! Got to work on the walk, then we’ll be sailing!! Next show for us is November 15-16 at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center. Might even try First Level!

Level 3 Parelli Online Pass

Congratulations to Michele and Cutter for passing their Level 3 online audition. Video can be viewed here:

May 31-June 1

Saturday & Sunday Dressage show At Spirit Equestrian Center.
Come and see Michele & Cutter & Cindy Fahey & Nifty ride their best!
Riding times:
Michele and Cutter 9 am and 10:26
Cindy and Nifty 8 am and 8:12
Sunday June 1
Michele and Cutter 10:41 and 11:16
Cindy and Nifty 1:13 and 1:25

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Robele Farms

Courtship Ranch
11270 Dominica Ave,
Lakeview Terrace, CA, 91342

Phone: 818 834 5818

We offer:


A horse who has achieved it's full potential. This is done through dressage and natural horsemanship using relaxed and non-forceful methods.

Trained riders who understand & can use classical principles in their riding in order to build a partnership, and create an art form with their horses.


Robele Farms: 11270 Dominica Ave, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 Phone: 818 834 5818