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"Studying natural horsemanship changed my life with horses"

Being lucky enough to be around horses for most of my life I never saw myself as just a rider. Taking care of horses in training was how I learned what incredible animals they really are. When an opportunity to work with the equine rescue came my way I knew I was going to need my best communication skills in order to rehab and find homes for these almost wild ponies. Studying natural horsemanship changed my life with horses. Using this type of interaction with horses opened my eyes and allowed me to see not just the horses in a different way, but myself also.

I met Michele a few years ago and I noticed that she was teaching natural horsemanship to her students. So when I retired my own horse I decided I wanted to pursue my passion for working with horses. I contacted Michele and she invited me to come and PLAY. Since then my experience with horses has been mind blowing! When you practice in this way it empowers you to know your horse. What may have been work with the unknown, became play with me. I am happy to say that Michele addresses all aspects of the horse - mental, physical and emotional. Her horses are not just vehicles but trusty friends who she shares with her students "from the ground to the saddle". From beginners to advanced horse people I have seen her open hearts and minds to the wonder that is the horse.

Max, the amazing horse I work with now has gone from a misunderstood horse that people feared, to the funny playful character he truly is. He is there for me as I am for him because we have learned to understand each other in our special partnership.

Thanks Michele

- Esther Neiviller
Robele Farms Student



"I'm very thankful that I started riding at Robele Farms"

I took dressage lessons from Michele at Robele Farms and rode four days a week for five years. I was a member of "The Riding Company" quadrille team (four horses doing dressage as a competitive group, very often set to music!) which was the 2001 United States Dressage Federation Champion team at our level. I also studied natural horsemanship. At Robele Farms I learned how to take care of horses and how to ride them in a way that is meant to keep them relaxed and willing to work with the rider. One of my favorite parts was showing Robele Farms' horses. It was through this that I learned to keep myself calm and relaxed no matter what the horse was doing. This ability has helped me in other areas of my life as well, because I know how to keep myself from getting affected by the surrounding environment.

The very best part of my Robele experience has been being a part of the quadrille team. Riding on my own was fun, but being a part of a team is more challenging because you have to pay attention not only to your own horse, but also to three other horses and riders. It was hard work, but winning the state and national championships made it all worthwhile. On top of that, I learned how to be a good team member and that ability is really helping me in my career.

I'm very thankful that I started riding at Robele Farms. Through Michele's training and coaching, horseback rinding has really become a passion for me and I've had many wonderful experiences. I am fortunate to have studied with Michele and to have learned so much about horsemanship and riding.

- Julianne Sherman
Robele Farms Student



"This program has brought more confidence and balance to my life"

During my lessons at Robele Farms I'm learning to build a strong partnership with the horses I ride. This program has brought more confidence and balance to my life. Riding is a passion that can become an art.

- Andra Gheorghe
Robele Farms Student



"Since she started working around horses she is a different kid"

My daughter, Michaela, started working with Michele at Robele Farms about a month ago. Since she started working around horses she is a different kid. She has a better attitude, is more responsible, and is even doing better in school. She is more patient with her younger sister and is more outgoing and talkative then she has ever been. I have to attribute it to the horse training because I have tried every other form of parenting to reach this child from rewards to taking away privileges. I have never seen Michaela happier or smile so much.

- Tamera Renn
Mother of Robele Farms Student, Michaela Renn



"She had an interest in horses, but until working with Michele, didn't have the fun and confidence she needed"

Sadi has been taking lessons with Michele at Robele Farms for about 2 years. She is now 11 years old. Sadi's abilities have grown immensely.

She had an interest in horses, but until working with Michele, didn't have the fun and confidence she needed.

She is now very competent and is able to handle horses extremely well. This of course carries over into other aspects of life.

Her school work and her ability to handle responsibilities at home have greatly improved. She is still very young, but her capabilities and competency are that of a much older person.

My deep appreciation goes to Michele at Robele Farms.

- Toni Ingallina
Mother of Robele Farms Student, Sadi Ingallina 





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