Quadrille Highlights
Robele Farms

Quadrille is a phenomenal sport, a great thing to do with horses and friends.

To compete and move up the levels, it demands that horses and riders do dressage and continue to improve. It is fun, challenging, and when done properly, is actually preservative to the horse.

In 2001 I had the privilege of training and coaching four outstanding committed and talented juniors , The Riding Company *, and four great horses (three horses and a pony, actually). Two dressage lessons, two to three quadrille practices per week, we trained hard on horseback and on foot, in wind, rain and even in 100 degree weather. Really, nothing stopped the training. My good friend, Randy Tobin, a composer and engineer at Theta Sound Studios, wrote and recorded music especially for my choreography. The whole package was magical. The Riding Company won the Novice Level (Training Level) and Junior compulsories and Freestyle Championships in California, and won the USDF Novice title as well.

This was nothing less than thrilling, but decidedly, they, we, earned it!!

I was President of CQA for several years. Made up of dynamic, dedicated creative members, CQA was most definitely the strongest and most influential quadrille association in the country, these guys were fantastic to work with. Just a few of CQA’s accomplishments include instructional videos for riders and teams, and a primer for judges. It’s members were also asked to write, and did write the national tests for USEF. My experiences with quadrille and in CQA have been nothing short of terrific. I will continue to use quadrille in my own teaching programs and I intend , again, for my teams to be in contention for quadrille titles, because truly, getting there is beneficial in so many ways.

                                                                 - Michele Purpora-Tardi





*The Riding Company:

Tkeisha Baird (now Tkeisha Wydrow) on her horse JJ Star
Julianne Veach (now Julianne Sherman) on Robele Farms’ horse Warlock
Anna Collins (now Anna Sanders) on her horse Top Priority
Jessica Smyth on Robele Farms’ pony, Chrystal




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A horse who has achieved it's full potential. This is done through dressage and natural horsemanship using relaxed and non-forceful methods.

Trained riders who understand & can use classical principles in their riding in order to build a partnership, and create an art form with their horses.


Robele Farms: 11270 Dominica Ave, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 Phone: 818 834 5818