Robele Farms

The atmosphere at Robele Farms is one of total support for horse & rider, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to horse care. We utilize a highly qualified team of veterinarians, farriers, chiropractors, nutritionalists and support staff to deliver calm, healthy, well-trained horses to our clients

Our programs use progressive, preservative exercises to get a horse emotionally, mentally and physically fit without the use of force. Students have fun while safely building a relationship with horses and increasing the horse’s confidence and abilities as well as their own, the result is a true horseman. All ages and level are welcome.

Michele Purpora-Tardi

Michele Purpora-Tardi, Owner/TrainerMichele Purpora-Tardi, from her first memories has always been in love with animals, especially horses. She had her first ride at 7 and has been mad about horses ever since.

Her formal training has been in jumping, dressage and natural horsemanship, all of which she continues to study. Michele has a degree in physical education and dance. Passionate about music, she spent several years as a professional dancer and as a singer in her own band. Michele’s musicality and ability to choreograph, was a key factor in her quadrille team The Riding Company’s achieving California and USDF Quadrille championships.

Michele’s approach to working with horses is that of art, and brings the principles of natural horsemanship to her lessons and training. Her philosophy is that for both horses and students, it is important to take small steps and make sure that progress is made on solid basics without the use of force. To have them enjoy their work and want to be with us, effort is put into ensuring their happiness and confidence in all aspects of their handling.

Robbie Lobster
assistant trainer

Cindy Fahey, Assistant TrainerRobbie is the newest addition to the Robele Farms staff. He brings lots of energy and fun into the mix. Robbie loves to observe each lesson from his favorite chair and occasionally give his opinion.



Robele Farms

Courtship Ranch
11270 Dominica Ave,
Lakeview Terrace, CA, 91342

Phone: 818 834 5818

We offer:


A horse who has achieved it's full potential. This is done through dressage and natural horsemanship using relaxed and non-forceful methods.

Trained riders who understand & can use classical principles in their riding in order to build a partnership, and create an art form with their horses.


Robele Farms: 11270 Dominica Ave, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 Phone: 818 834 5818